Meezan Upaisa & Meezan Salary Card Pakistan first Islamic Banking Branchless Service

The Challenge:

Meezan Bank is the premier Islamic Bank of Pakistan which believes in employing Shariah Compliant standards on all banking practices. They were looking for a way to offer branchless banking services to its esteemed customers, while adhering to the Shariah Complaint Standards. In addition, they were also looking for a way to help employers disburse salaries to their employees with convenience.

The Solution:

Meezan UPaisa joined hands with AG to develop a POS interface to enable Meezan Upaisa transactions at merchants. Under this collaboration, AG provides merchant management services to ensure smooth operations of Meezan Upaisa at merchants. AG has also enabled Meezan Salary Card application on Meezan UPaisa interface to help employees collect their salaries from these merchants.

Key Highlights:

  • Payment of Bills to a diverse range of payees
  • Salaries disbursements to unbanked employees
  • Shariah Compliance in all banking processes